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LAB Cosmetics was founded in 1998 in Hamburg, Germany.

In 1999 the premium salon-exclusive brand CARLTON Haircare was launched in Germany. Almost 10 years after the start CARLTON has been very successfully established in Germany and is today represented and expanding in many other countries. In all markets the unique CARLTON Haircare has succeeded to achieve highest recognition and extremely satisfying repurchase rates both among hairdressers and consumers.
We believe that our demand on highest quality of CARLTON Haircare is the key to our longterm success.

Slobodan Vucinic
Slobodan Vucinic
CEO and founder

Karin Hock-Vucinic
Karin Hock
Managing Partner

LAB Cosmetics is still a family owned company and all CARLTON Haircare products are produced in Germany without any exception. The owners promote a fair company culture and a trustworthy partnership with all employees, hairdressers and suppliers in the sense of a huge CARLTON family.

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