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CARLTON Haircare is a luxury haircare line that touches the senses. Nourishing, stimulating and invigorating fragrances will transform your usual haircare routine to a unique pleasure experience.

Precious natural essences derived from mother nature will provide your hair with a true "wellness program". Wonderful smooth hair, strong volume and silky shine will be the visual and touchable result.

CARLTON haircare – luxury for the senses...

Pure Thermal Spa Water derived from more than 7000 feet depth is the natural base of CARLTON Haircare. Since Roman times thermal spa water is known for its healing and beautifying properties. Thermal spa water contains 6 different minerals and 8 trace elements. It helps to activate the self defence of hair and scalp, leaving it well mineralised, more resistant and brimming with health.

CARLTON Haircare products contain a selection of the most efficient and precious natural ingredients of our planet. In our shampoos we use Plantacare as a natural cleansing agent that is derived from natural sugar cane. Plantacare is well recognised for it`s mild effects even on sensitive skin and scalp.
All products contain pure, natural thermal Spa water, enriched with highly effective botanical ingredients and blended with luxurious essential oils. A hint of aroma veils the hair, revives and rejuvenates and inspires the senses ...

All CARLTON products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes and never tested on animals.
The basic principle of our CARLTON laboratories is to constantly research, to use state-of-the art technologies and safe environmental friendly production techniques to guarantee highest quality.
CARTLON Haircare products are all manufactured in Germany.

When developing new CARLTON products we always involve hairdressers and stylists. The objective is to achieve highest quality standard for our CARLTON range that is appreciated both by hairdressers and consumers. Our CARLTON hairdressers play therefore a central role in our formulation development process. We believe that this principle is key to our longterm success.

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